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Welcome to Dynamic

Dynamic Scientific Limited

is a joint-venture corporation which is formed by CITIWELL Technology Ltd. and TUNG LICK International Development Co, Ltd. Both companies have been in optical, science and educational products manufacturing industry since early 90’s.Our main production plant is located in Zhongshan. With our years experience and knowhow in this field, having our own design team and mold shop in the plant, we commit ourselves to develop innovative Optics, Science products with fun and educational element. Our specialty with excellent quality brings us a high reputation in the industry and as a well known OEM, ODM partner. Our wide range of products distribute to most countries in the world including North America, Japan, Europe and others.

Sustainable Development

Dynamic Scientific is committed and assured our staff and suppliers adopted to ESG criterion, manage our operation responsibly with social compliance. We always look for improvement on our products to reduce environmental impact and minimize wastage throughout product planning while satisfying consumer needs.  



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